Crystals and Wellness

Crystals are often associated with well-being and there's a reason why. All crystals have some form of healing energy and can help us on many different levels of our lives. Mainly mentally and spiritually but not exclusively. We can work with crystals and gemstones for healing and also for clearing and balancing ourselves and our homes. Crystals make a great addition to any wellness routine or home, but it's good to be conscious of which one you are working with, to get the most out of it. That is why intention is essential when working with crystals and their cosmic energy. Think of what you need to bring into your life right now. Protection, healing, balance and love are just a few examples, the list goes on and on.

At home, you can place distinct crystals by room, like, the crystal that you place in your entrance should be different from the one in your bedroom, at least in most cases. Because in the entrance you might benefit from a protection crystal that blocks negative energy from entering, and in the bedroom, you might benefit from a crystal that will help you relax and get better sleep. Placing the right crystals in the bedroom and on the nightstand can help with fertility, as well as menstrual cramps or PMS. So as for those who suffer from menopause. We can also place them in our cars for protection or carry them throughout the day. Crystals also are an amazing tool for healing and meditation. Crystal therapy can be used to heal and balance emotionally and energetically. It has been used to treat ailments such as insomnia, depression, headaches and even PMS.

They are like energy generators that can be called forth to help us on so many levels. They come in many different shapes, forms and colours, with various healing properties. I invite you to discover more on our website, you will find detailed information about the qualities and healing properties of most crystals. You can start by checking those that caught your attention, and follow your intuition. You might end up finding the one that you need the most.

Crystals also make great gift ideas for friends and family, especially for those who live far away or are going through a tough moment. You can send them some love in the form of a beautiful Rose Quartz gem or strength in the shape of an energizing Carnelian. The possibilities are endless. If you are a beginner, check out this article where you will find some tips on how to pick the right crystal for you or someone you love. And you can also find some crystal suggestions in the article "5 Healing Crystals For Beginners & Their Meanings".

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