How to beat laziness

Want to beat laziness? Here are some ideas.

Often, we feel bored or lazy and there is nothing wrong with slowing down from time to time but when it happens often or in moments when it's prejudicial we need to act. Sometimes laziness or procrastination is simply put, self-sabotage. Other times you are just tired. But it can also mean that you are going through some kind of emotional unbalance. So, it's key to reflect and understand the causes of your laziness. These tips will help you no matter the reason, let's dive into it.

Imagine that you have a huge, daunting task. It's overwhelming and when you think of it you don't really know where to start. My advice? Break that huge task into smaller ones, this way you will be focusing on each step instead of getting overwhelmed, plus you can track your progress and feel well with yourself by accomplishing those little tasks. Another benefit of splitting a big task into chunks is that you are actually planning, which will make your life easier in the long run. If you're stressed and can't think straight because of it, just go for a walk, it will do wonders to untangle your thoughts. Another great aid with pragmatic thought and clear insight is to use a Smoky Quartz crystal.

Avoid jumping from task to task, multitasking stops you from being productive and you will take longer to complete the tasks that you have in hand. In the end, you will feel super busy and stressed, and at the same time as if you accomplished nothing. When doing something committed to it with laser focus, this will keep you productive, less stressed and more motivated.

Remember that being busy doesn't mean being productive or successful, most of the time, being busy means multitasking, having a series of incomplete tasks, and feeling unsatisfied and exhausted. When you do something with a purpose, what you do matters, you finish your tasks, you create boundaries and you feel good about yourself. Sometimes we just need to stop, analyse and prioritize, set goals and boundaries and learn to rest.

One cool trick to fight procrastination is thinking to yourself that you will do just 5 minutes, most of the time we will just keep going and complete the task. The secret is to simply start!

You can also put on a power song to get started with one hour of deep work. Choose a song that makes you feel energized and ready to tackle anything, and keep all the distractions away.

Another useful tip, use a to-do list to help you keep track of the tasks, this way you will not forget what you need to do and you can prioritize and even eliminate tasks that are not really important. This will make your life easier and clear of distractions.

And whenever you have something to do that just takes 2 to 5 minutes, just do it! Don't schedule for later, it will be in the back of your head unnecessarily. So, for example, if you read one email that just needs a quick reply, do it once you finish reading it, don't leave it for later. 

In conclusion, the key is to realise laziness or procrastination and to address it with action even if for small periods. The secret is to start!

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